Styles of Architecture - Education trail

Visitors following the track of architectural styles will learn about the most important buildings in the town, which in 1969 was put on the list of protected historical towns thanks to its many valuable historical monuments. The track is divided into two circuits with some 40 monuments.
The first circuit with buildings 1 to 27 will take you through the old town centre with sumptuous burghers' houses, the deanery church, the castle of the lords of Říčany (old town hall), the new town hall, three town gates and large sections of preserved the ramparts.
The second circuit, with buildings 28 to 43, includes churches in the outskirts, the deanery gardens and houses, both private and in public use, from later periods. Trailing through the town you will be charmed by the four major architectural styles, which in turn shaped the present aspect of the town - the Gothic style connected with the founding of the town in the 13th to 15th centuries, in the 16th century the Renaissance covered the town with sgraffiti, the Baroque in the 17th and 18th centuries lent grace to the main square and, last but not least, modern architecture, which contributed several valuable Cubist buildings.

The trail, almost a small encyclopedia of architecture, starts at the Šrejnar house no.10, home of the Tourist Information Centre – TIC. All the buildings to be visited on the track o architectural styles have plaques. Groups wishing to be accompanied by guides should make arrangements beforehand with the TIC or the Museum of the Czech-Moravian Highlands in Pelhřimov.