Place of Pilgrimage - Křemešník

At the foot of Křemešník hill about 10 km far from Pelhřimov silver was mined in the past. One filled-in adit gives rise to a spring of cold water. According to a legend, a soldier stopped by the spring during the Thirty Years´ War to cleanse his wounds, and they healed up very quickly. Due to this folk-tale it became a place of pilgrimage. But miraculous water does not run all the time, it appears around Christmas and disappears at the end of July. Local people say that if the water pours out in autumn as well, there will be a war. It is astonishing to know that in 1938 and 1939 the spring really re-appeared. People also say that the spring has never frozen and it ran even in times of great drought. Analyses have proved that the water is absolutely pure, low in minerals, slightly radioactive and has a slight admixture of silver.

In 1689 a chapel was erected at the spring. The altar is the work of the sculptor Antonín Berka and the relief decorating the portal - “Baptism of Christ in the Jordan River“ – was made by František Bílek Next to the chapel, remnants of the former hermitage are still noticeable.

From the chapel you may follow the Way of the Cross leading to the top of Křemešník. The fourteen stations of the Way were built to drafts by V. Foerster with relief scenes of Christ’s suffering. The last station is the Holy Sepulchre. Not far from that place another landmark of Křemešník is to be found - The Windy Castle, the remarkable summer-house of sculptor medal designer J. Šejnost. The hill is topped by a Baroque complex dominated by the Church of the Holy Trinity surrounded by cloisters and the Chapels of Coronation of the Virgin Maria and of the Dead.

In 1993 the 52-metre look-out tower called Pípalka was erected on the hill-top. If the visitors climb 205 steps, they can see parts of the Czech-Moravian Highlands including its highest hill of Javořice. Under good visibility conditions, you can even see Kleť, the mountain towering above the town of Český Krumlov.

Visitors to the hill-top may take advantage of the recently restored Pilgrim’s Hotel Křemešník, including its cellar built of stone tempting guests to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere.

The areal with climing centre (rope centre), trampolines and child-castle with small coloured balls was opened on the Křemešník hill in 2008. It offers experiences for child and adult visitors who like enjoyment and want to try something new and remarkable.
The surroundings of Křemešník abound in marked hiking routes and offer ideal conditions for cycling and skiing. Visitors may also get to know the history of the place and the local nature when following a nature trail, the starting point of which is at the hotel