Pelhřimov Ring

Length of route 47.5 km – because this is a circular route around Pelhřimov, it can be divided into any number of smaller sections

Pelhřimov – Dubovice – Holákov – Libkova Voda – Rynárec – Putimov – Na Nivách – Řemenov – Olešná – Služátky – Poříčský Dvůr – Krasíkovice – Hodějovice – Čakovice – Dubovice – Pelhřimov

In the first part of Country Hikes, you were able to follow a circular trail through the countryside around Pelhřimov at a radius of about 4 km. This circle has a radius of around 1–2 km larger and, as for the previous walk, you can stop the walk at a number of places and continue another time. The walk mostly goes through countryside and there is only one point where glimpses of the town of Pelhřimov can be seen.
At the signpost on Masarykovo Square in Pelhřimov, take the blue hiking trail towards Starý Pelhřimov. Follow these markings up a gentle hill leading to Starý Pelhřimov (Old Pelhřimov). From the centre of the town you go through a residential estate and then along a country path through fi elds to get to the village and to the trail signpost (3 km from Pe). If you decide not to have a refreshment stop at the nearby motel, continue along the blue route after the signpost but only for a short disLength of route 47.5 km – because this is a circular route around Pelhřimov, it can be divided into any number of smaller sections
Pelhřimov – Dubovice – Holákov – Libkova Voda – Rynárec – Putimov – Na Nivách – Řemenov – Olešná – Služátky – Poříčský Dvůr – Krasíkovice – Hodějovice – Čakovice – Dubovice – Pelhřimov

distance. Once the buildings of the village end on your left and you see the horse stables, turn left onto the dirt road. Here you leave the blue markings and continue along the dirt road and up a gentle hill to the village of Dubovice, where the second Pelhřímov Ring begins.Before reaching Dubovice, you can enjoy wonderful views over the countryside, from the Hajlovka valley to the peaks of Stražiště (744 m above sea-level) and Svidník (740 m).
When the dirt road to Dubovice (5 km) joins a tarmac road, turn left onto the tarmac road, then left again at the next tarmac crossroads and up the hill. Immediately on entering the fi rst tarmac road a horse stables can be seen on your left. At the top of the hill, the tarmac road becomes once again a dirt road and a charming little valley comes into view, which lies at a height of almost 600 metres above sea-level. After crossing the little stream below the dam turn right onto the dirt road from where you will be able to admire more ponds and animal refuges. Continue until you see a group of cottages (at the other end of the cottages, there is a refreshment stop open in summer). Leaving the cottages on your right hand side, continue to the Pelhřimov – Vlásenice road. This is the first point where the tired or those who haven’t enough time (from here on referred to as t.o.n.t) can fi nish the trip and turn left along the road to Pelhřimov (here you have travelled 6.5 km – including the walk to Pelhřimov 9.5 km in total).
The rest of you should turn right onto the road, and then take an immediate left as you reach the group of trees. You soon exit the trees and arrive on a little hill (on the left you can see the St Nicolas chapel) and you will see the railway line in front of you. Turn right, following the railway line along the path. After a while you will see a crossing over the railway on your left. Take this crossing and continue in this direction with the railway track behind you. Take the opportunity to admire the view of the Hejlovka valley and its village of Vlásenice on your right. Take the dirt road up a slight hill, and the view you see opening out in front of you will be worth the energy used to get up the hill. For in front of you lies the famous ‘Pelhřimov Horská Kvilda’ – an enchanting highland plateau of meadows and ponds, the occasional tree and even wild animals, all surrounded by forest. Wonderful. Those who know about this place travel here in summer by bike and in winter on cross-country skis. When you reach the grassy area, turn right onto the path running along the fi elds. After some time, the path leads straight into the wood, and shortly before its edge, turn onto the path going left, then after a while left again onto another path. This forest path will once again lead you onto the grassy ‘Kvílda’. After roughly 200 metres, turn right onto the path which leads you into the wood. The path leads you through the wood. When you leave the wood and you get a view over the countryside, turn left onto the blue walking route you cross. Follow this route about 1.2 km uphill until you leave the bushes between the fi elds and meadows and the path fl attens out. Here you will see a turning right to the little wood nearby. Take this turning. The (t.o.n.t.) can continue along the blue route to Pelhřimov (10 km – 13 km in total).
Following the path away from the blue route, you arrive at lonely Holákov and at the main Pelhřimov – Jindřichův Hradec road. Here, the brave (t.o.n.t.) can fi nish their hike and return left along this road to Pelhřímov, avoiding lorries all the way (11 km – 16 km in total), you however should go the other way – turn right. Luckily, you only need to follow the road for a short time – as soon as you enter a wood, you will see a path at the edge of the wood on your left down to a dirt road, which you should turn onto. Go to the end of the woods, where you turn left onto a path. This will lead you to the quiet Pelřimov – Libkova Voda road. Here (t.o.n.t.)s can turn left to get to Pelhřimov (12 km – 18 km in total), and for the rest of you, you, as usual, will go in the other direction – turn right along the road. You will need to follow the road for a longer time here, but you will be rewarded for this with wonderful views over Křemešník hill and the local countryside. The hill at the graveyard before reaching Libkova Voda is a particularly good resting point for admiring the views. As soon as you enter Libkova Voda, take the fi rst road on your left past the newly built houses. This will lead you to the middle of the village. (15 km) Here you can take a refreshment break in the pub or shop and you should take a look at the protected lime tree, whose trunk is almost 6 metres in circumference and which stands in front of the chateau where composer Bedřich Smetana stayed in 1941. There is also a signpost for hiking routes here, from which you should follow the yellow route in the direction of Čelistná. Follow the yellow markings only for a short while to the end of the village, from where you should take the dirt road on your left, which will lead you across a picturesque valley. The path leads to a road, onto which we turn left to the nearby village of Rynárec. Shortly after entering the village, when the road takes a sharp left turn, leave the road and turn right over the bridge with red railings and then straight on and under the bridge of the main Pelhřimov – Horní Verekev road. (T.o.n.t.) can turn back to Pelhřimov here (19.5 km – 25 km in total) and there is a restaurant and shop here. Those who are still fi t to carry on should continue in the same direction under the bridge and to the end of the village. Here the road becomes a dirt track which you should follow along fi elds to the railway track, which you cross a little further on. Cross the track and go down onto the road from Pavlov to Nemojov. Turn right onto this road and you will soon see the markings which tell you that you are following the green hiking route. On the left hand side, you will pass an Jewish graveyard whose graves are more than 200 years old. When the green route turns off the road, you should continue further along the road, turning off onto the dirt road at the cross when the road begins to go downhill into the village of Nemojov. If you do follow the green route, the remains of the legendary fort of Blažkův zámek are to be seen in the woods behind the nearby Nemojovský pond dam. So continue further along the dirt road up a slight hill to the village of Putimov. On the right is Křemešník hill, which can be viewed in all its glory once you reach the village. On your left, Pavlov village lies in the valley and in the distance you should be able to see Pelhřimov, for the fi rst and the last time. Continue to Putimov and at the Chapel of the Holy Trinity turn right then immediately left onto the little path between houses which will lead you to the Pelhřimov – Nový Rychnov road. You can take a refreshment break in the village pub or shop or relax at the bathing area and (t.o.n.t.)s can turn left onto the road to Pelhřimov (24.5 km – 28.5 km in total).
The rest of you should turn right onto the road and after a couple of hundred metres you turn to the left onto a dirt road leading to the isolated Na Nivách. Shortly before getting there, you come to a red hiking trail signpost. Follow the red markings left for a while. When the red markings turn off the fi elds and into the wood towards Pelhřimov, those who want to continue ((t.o.n.t.)s can turn off here to Pelhřimov) should continue on the path through the fi elds towards the village of Řemenov, which you can already begin to see. At the edge of the village you join a road which will lead you through the centre of the village to a crossroads at the other side.
Those (t.o.n.t.)s can turn here to Pelhřimov (27 km – 30.5 km in total), the rest of you should turn right through a long and picturesque valley around the settlement of Chválov to the village of Olešná, which contains a shop for refreshments (29.5 km). In Olešná, you cross the main road from Pelhřimov – Jihlava and then begin to go up hill around the pretty nursery-school buildings. After the playground, the road divides to the left and the right, but you should go straight on along the forest path which leads you through a wood and around its edge, then again through a wood and again around its edge and to a stream. Cross the stream and go up along the fi elds to the village of Služátky (31 km). Before reaching the village, you will join the yellow hiking trail which will lead you around a sheep pen to the end of Služátky, the Farma – Poříčí motorest (refreshments available) to the village of Krasíkovice. Before reaching the motorest, you need to cross the Humpolec – Pelhrimov road (32 km) so be careful crossing here. In Krasíkovice, (t.o.n.t.)s can follow the red hiking trail to Pelhřimov (33.5 km – 37.5 km in total), the rest of you should use the yellow hiking route until you almost reach the crossroads to Hodějovice and Svépravice at the edge of Krasíkovice, where you should turn left onto the dirt road which leads you to a beautiful chapel in the fi elds. Don’t forget to look around, because there is a beautiful view over the countryside here. Turn left at the chapel and sharp right at the next turn-off towards the bushes. This path has views over the Hejlovka valley and the Těchorázek monument and leads you to the centre of the village of Hodějovice. From Hodějovice, the (t.o.n.t.)s can follow the green hiking trail to Pelhřimov (36 km – 40.5 km in total).
Those of you have still have strength left in you should turn left in the village along the road and shortly after leaving the village, turn right onto the little road leading downhill. When the tarmac road ends, take the path going left over the picturesque Hejlovka valley to the farmstead of K Prchalovům (37.5 km), where you should turn left up the hill towards the pine wood. If you come here in blueberry season, this is a great place for a bit of natural refreshment. The path goes into the wood and then out of the wood again, where you should turn left across the fi eld. Continue in this direction along the road which crosses the main Vlašim – Pelhřimov road until you get to the village of Čakovice. Here you can admire the renovated chapel, and (t.o.n.t.)s can then follow the blue hiking trail to Pelhřimov (39.5 km – 45 km in total).
Shortly after the chapel, which you will pass by on your right, the road will split into two, and you should take the right turning and continue on the path to the end of the village. After climbing uphill for a little while, the path goes along the upper edge of the Hejlovka valley, with forest on your right. As soon as the path moves away from the valley and you arrive at a crossroads, turn right to the nearby main Pelhřimov – Tábor road. You will cross this diagonally to the left onto a narrow road which goes straight on to join the road to Dubovice. At the beginning of the village of Dubovice (42.5 km), turn left onto the road then immediately left again onto the dirt track which you used before to join our Pelhřimov Ring. The ring is now joined and you now travel back along the route you used before to Pelhřimov. If you managed to do the whole ring in one go (47.5 km in total) you shouldn’t forget to reward yourself with quality unfi ltered beer in the restaurant Střepina. If you’ve had to break the walk up into sections, don’t feel you can’t do the same! Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Records and Curiosities in Pelhřimov, the Ghost Museum, the Lipský Hall, the Dům Dobrých dnů – a matchstick model exhibition, the Vysočiny Museum Pelhřimov, Galerie M, the lookout tower on the Church of St Bartholomew or follow the architecture or Czech book of records trails.