Nová Cerekev circle

    Length of route 31.5 km

Pelhřimov – Stanovíce – Nová Cerekev – Hatě – Hanuska – Chmelná – Myslov – Částkovice – Hejlov – Pelhřimov

see at a crossroads a strange-looking pole, on which you will find a sign stating that you are on the Greenway trail.
This green trail leading through the countryside links interesting places connected with trades and professions. Further information on the trail can be obtained at the Tourist Information Centre in Pelhřimov. It’s quite nice to follow the trail for a bit, so follow the sign pointing towards the settlement of Stanovice, to your right. The Greenway is marked by these special signposts, but only at main crossroads. So to get to Stanovice, where the trail is leading, keep walking in this direction. The trail will take you to the centre of the village of Stanovice (10.5 km), where you can stop a while and admire the houses at the corner of the square. The architecture here is particularly interesting and it is worth taking a look at. Going down hill, you go from Stanovice to Nová Cerekev. Even from a distance, you will see the prominent feature of this village, the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury.
On arriving at the village, you shouldn’t miss one more building, the Jewish synagogue on your left, built in an Oriental Moorish style. Not far from here is a large Jewish cemetery, in which famed painter Alfréd Justitz is buried. At the village square in Nová Cerekev (13.5 km) you have the option of taking advantage of the restaurant, pub or shop and then you should join the green hiking trail towards Moraveč. This will lead you from Nová Cerekev through the settlement of Hatě (15 km), where there is a deer enclosure at the crossroads on the other side of the village. Here, the road turns right and the green trail goes straight on along a dirt road. You however should go left along an even smaller dirt road. This will take you downhill to the Novocerekvický stream, and, as we are on an adventurous hike, you should cross the ford over the stream. Don’t worry, you can cross it no problem without getting wet feet – be brave and just go for it! They used to pan for gold in this stream and its worth noting that people used to mine for gold and silver in many places around Pelhřimov. After crossing the ford, follow the path uphill around an incredibly beautiful part of Vysočina, the isolated Hanuska (16.5 km), and on to the crossroads where you should turn right up a slight hill. Do have a look around occasionally, because there are some great views over the countryside. After a couple of hundred metres, turn left off the route onto a path which may once have been tarmac. It was defi nitely worth the climb here, because there is a wonderful view over the countryside from here with the Nová Cerekev church in the foreground and the hills above faraway Humpolec in the distance. This path will lead you to the village of Chmelná (18 km), where you should turn right onto the road going to the village of Myslov, right next to Chmelná. At the crossroads in Myslov (19 km), turn left towards Božejov. There is an interesting bell-tower on the left of the crossroads. At the fi rst turning shortly after leaving Myslov, you will come to some bushes, where you should turn left. The dirt road leading around some water towers will lead you to a wood, which you should enter. At the edge of the wood, take a left at the fi rst crossing along the forest path. Stay on this path, its surface will soon start to improve and once you have arrived at the forest lake of Orlov, it will have become a pleasant tarmac path. Continue along the path out of the woods and continue in the paths direction diagonally across the Proseč Oboriště – Ústrašín road onto the dirt road to the small village of Částkovice. This village is of particular interest if you have come on bicycles, as there is an exceptional bike shop/service here run by former racer Petr Bakus. Here you will join the blue hiking trail which you should follow all the way to Pelhřimov. You will go past the larger Hajlov pond (24.5 km) with its island, and after going uphill once you pass this pond, you will be able to take in some incredible views over the countryside around Křemešník hill. The blue trail will lead you back to Masarykovo Square in Pelhřimov (31.5 km).
You are recommended to reward yourself with a pleasant drink in any of Pelhřimov’s restaurants. And in Pelhřimov you can visit the Museum of Records and Curiosities in Pelhřimov, the Ghost Museum, the Lipský Hall, the Dům Dobrých dnů – a matchstick model exhibition, the Vysočiny Museum Pelhřimov, Galerie M, the lookout tower on the Church of St Bartholomew or follow the architecture or Czech book of records trails.