Křemešník circle

Length of route 29 km

Pelhřimov – Řemenov – Proseč pod Křemešníkem – Křemešník – U Puldů – Lešov – Radňov – Zajíčkov – Pavlov – Vokov – Pelhřimov

In introducing this route, it should be said that, as suggested by its name, the route crosses the peak of the highest hill in the area (Křemešník – 765 m above sea-level). For this reason, the fi rst half in particular will be going uphill.
From Masaryk´s Square in Pelhřimov, this time take the red hiking trail in the direction of Křemešník, but shortly after the graveyard, when you pass a little wood on your right, you should turn left onto the dam of the anti-fl ood reservoir basin. You will then reach the road from Pelhřimov to Řemenov, which you should turn right onto. At the crossroads in front of the village of Řemenov (4 km), continue straight on into the village and when the road divides into two in front of the last house in the village, you should take the right turning towards the newly built houses. The road soon becomes a dirt track and you will get a view of Křemešník hill on the horizon. The path leads you to a fi eld in front of a wood, where you should go diagonally and to the right acoss the fi eld to a narrow space between woods. Immediately behind this ‘alley’, turn left along the wood and over a diffi cult to notice bridge acoss a little stream and you will fi nd yourself in a large fi eld. In front of you you can see the village of Proseč pod Křemešníkem. Here you should continue along the edge of the wood, which will be on your right hand side and on to the village. At the end of the wood, you will join the red hiking trail, which you will follow for a while. This trail will lead you to Proseč (6.5 km), where you can take a refreshment stop in the local pub and when you get out of the village, you should certainly take a look at the large horse stables. Křemešník seems here to be within easy reach, and when you look back, you can see far over the countryside. Continue along the narrow road from Proseč pod Křemešníkem following the red markings and continue following the road, which becomes a dirt road, even when the red hiking trail turns off it. Crossing the dam of the Ivaniny fi shponds, which are a sanctuary for amphibians, you will get to Stříbrná studánka (8 km). Here you can drink the refreshing spring water or fi ll up your water bottles for the rest of your hiking and the curious among you can read about the history of the spring, which is told for you on the Křemešník nature trail signpost here. The water from the spring has trace amounts of silver and does not go off . In the past it was used for ocean-going liners and today people travel here from far and wide with huge canisters to fi ll. Continue straight on from the spring in the direction you have come around the Korce forest lodge until you reach the hiking trail signpost at the Pelhřimov – Nový Rychnov road. Here you should follow the blue trail to the top of Křemešník. You will soon be able to see the Větrný zámek (Windy Castle) and above it the chapel tower through a clearing in the trees.
At the top of Křemešník (10 km), you can take a refreshment break in the hotel here, go up the Pípalku look-out tower, from where you can look out over a distance of up to 100 km, or visit some of the other sights located here. The Church of the Holy Trinity is worth a look, with its cloisters and two corner chapels, or the Stations of the Cross which lead from the chapel, under which you can occasionally fi nd a bubbling spring and the Windy Castle, built by sculptor and medallist J. Šejnost. If you decide to follow the nature trail which goes around the peak of Křemešník, you can learn lots more fascinating information about this extraordinary place. Information is also available in the hotel. Children can have fun on the trampolines here and there is a ‘rope course’ for the brave. From the top of Křemešník, follow the red hiking trail towards Nový Rychnov, and when, after about a kilometre, the road crosses another slightly smaller road on which vehicles can travel, leave the red trail and turn right onto this road. This will lead you to the village of Sázava. Take your time and admire the views – you are still quite high up and there is a lot to see. In Sazava (12.5 km), you can take a break in the pub and continue in the same direction diagonally across the road from Pelhřimov to Nový Rychnov.
At the crossroads, you will join the yellow hiking trail which will lead you out of the village. As soon as you pass the last house in Sázava, the yellow markings turn left, but you should continue straight on and turn left a little further on onto a path parallel with the yellow trail. Before this path begins to go downhill to the lonely U Puldů, you will see on your left the hill of Čeřínek (761 m above sea-level). U Půldu is a magical place in the middle of forests and meadows. When the path leads you around ‘Puldů’ to the wood, go into the wood and take the path which continues in the same direction. This path, which can be diffi cult to make out at times, will lead you out of the wood. You will reach a valley, where you will meet the blue hiking trail, which you should turn left onto and which will lead you to the centre of the village of Lešov (16.5 km). Here the blue trail leads to a crossroads, where you should turn right onto the ‘main’ road from the ‘side’ road you were on, thus leaving the blue trail. Continue along this road until you reach the turning to the village of Radňov. Here you will join the yellow hiking trail, which you should follow through Radňov (18 km) to the village of Zajíčkov (19 km). Don’t forget to look around you when you get to the hill on the other side of Radňov and say farewell to Křemešník.
Turn right onto the dirt track in front of the fi rst house in Zajíčkov, which will lead you to woods. Keep on this road along the edge of the wood and stay on it past the fi rst crossing. The path eventually also leads you into the wood and you will arrive at a crossing next to a stream. Here you should turn left across the stream and after some time you will be walking through meadows along a track leading to the village of Pavlov. Turn left onto the road in front of the village which will lead you to Pavlov (22 km) and stay on the road until you reach the main Pelhřimov – Horní Cerekov road. Turn left onto this road, which you should follow for about 200 metres and then take the next right along a small road towards the village of Vokov. This will lead you to the chapel in the village (24 km) and here you should turn right in front of the council offi ces up the hill. Once you reach the top of this hill and take in the view over woods, hills and villages, you will realise it was worth the slog coming up here. This is a great little spot at the end of the hike. Go down following the path and when you see the trees and the fi rst building of Pelhřimov’s industrial estate, go between these two uncomfortable neighbours until you reach the tarmac. Keep going in roughly the same direction which you’ve been going since Vokov, although it’s not quite so nice going through the industrial part of Pelhřimov. You will end up in the centre of the town. You will soon arrive at the railway trak and train station, where you join the green hiking trail which will lead you back to Pelhřimov’s Masarykovo Square (29 km).
Don’t forget to reward yourself with a refreshing drink in one of Pelhřimov’s restaurants and if you haven’t done it already, take the opportunity to visit one of the tourist sights in Pelhřimov.