The fountain

The first mention of its existence is from the year 1546, its present aspect goes back to 1828. An inscription at the back tells us that the basin was made by the Schlesinger metallurgical plant at Světlá nad Sázavou. The fountain is circular with six pilasters on its circumference. In the middle of the fountain is an octagonal column topped with an ornate cornice. On the cornice is a tetrahedral head with four lion's heads spouting water. On the head is a statue of St James the Great. His pilgim's garb is decorated with shells, while his hat hangs on his back. His left hand rests on his breast, in the elbow fold reposes a pilgrim's staff ending in a cross, in his right hand he holds a flask, which is the fifth spout. The fountain was thoroughly repaired in 1888, as confirmed by a plaque on the eastern side of the fountain. The repairs were carried out by Jan Bouda from Jindřichův Hradec. Water was brought to the fountain from the Strachov ponds, which also supplied the fish-hatchery at the municipal yard behind St Bartholomew's church, the old brewery next to the deanery, the dye house and the tannery in houses no. 4 and 5 and the small fountain in house no.3.