Šrejnar s house no.10

Christopher Šrejnar, a wealthy clothier from Jindřichův Hradec, commissioned in 1614 the construction of a house with two wings on free ground below the castle – the house had one floor, a mansard roof, two corner oriels and a central carriage entrance. The house, destroyed by the fire in 1646, was substantially transformed in the early 18th century and before 1777 was prolonged by a two-wing structure in the courtyard with an enclosed balcony and covered yard. All that could be saved from the original frescoes, which decorated the entire façade of the house, is a fragment on the left corner oriel. The building was reconstructed to meet the requirements of the District Museum, the only preserved architectural element is a stone portal above he main entrance. Today the building is houses the Infomation Centre and the Lipský Hall. Parts of the basement are used as exhibition rooms by the Museum of the Czech-Moravian Highlands in Pelhřimov.