Rynárec (Upper) gate

The first written record of a three-storey tower with battlements and a small balcony on stone brackets is from the years 1496. Following the disastrous fire in 1561 the tower was rebuilt in 1584 in its present form. The event is mentioned on two stone slabs on either side of the passageway. The following Latin text has been carved into the stone: Felix civitas quae tempora pacis cognicitat bella – Happy is the community, which in times of peace thinks of war. There is also a report about the outbreak of a fire at the malt house close to the gate. At first the slabs were above a small entry, the so-called „cradle“, which was removed in 1867 with the inscriptions transferred to the gate proper. The Renaissance entrance to the gate was demolished in 1892. From the south the passageway has the identical lining for a draw-bridge as the Jihlava gate, but there is no hole for the chain. The height of the tower to the cornice is 17.40 metres; it was built from quarry stone and has an octagonal dome-like turret, a lantern and dome with two Baroque plates for the clock with two tin billy goats striking the quarters and the hour. There is no direct access to the gate, it can only be entered from the balcony through the garrets of neighbouring houses. Initially, the balcony was facing the other way, towards the house no.23, and could be reached by wooden, later spiral stone stairs, which were removed as totally derelict and a new entrance was opened from the other side. This is why this gate is the only tower in Pelhřimov not open to the public.