Municipal Hall, No.1 in the square

The Municipal Hall in Pelhrimov was first mentioned in 1491 (it is believed to have been situated in house No 80 in the square - see also "Period houses in the square"). After the fire of 1582 the Municipal Hall was moved to the chateau of the Lords of Říčany and it remained there until 1849 when the chateau passed on to the District Court. The Municipal Hall then moved to house No 1 which had been in possession of the town since as early as 1671. Originally, the house used to have a gable which was pulled down in 1841. For decades the municipality wanted to renew it, but the reconstruction only took place in 2006. There existed no photographs of the house with the original gable; the reconstruction was done after a drawing by Jaroslav Ziegler, who had access to reliable sources, when he painted Pelhřimov in the first half of the 19th century. From one of the first-floor windows the Declaration of the independent Republic of Czechoslovakia was announced on October 28th, 1918.