Jihlava (Lower) gate

The present aspect of the five-storey prismatic gate dates back to the 16th century and the reconstruction of an older gate. It is 36 metres high with a typical hipped roof; the octagonal lantern with an onion dome, which has on top a banner with a star is from the year 1774. In the direction of the passageway are two square dials with clocks, their clockwork is in the highest accessible storey of the tower. The portal arches are Gothic, inside the vaulted ceilings have been preserved, as also the frescos in the original gatekeeper's lodgings. In the past the gate was entered by wooden stairs from a balcony, which was pulled down in 1836. The asymmetrically arranged windows are the result of sundry rebuilding. Another storey was added to the gate in the 17th century. A rectangular jamb for the drawbridge and an opening for its chain may be seen at the portal of the entrance from Charles Square. The anticum which reached as far as the present crossroad was pulled down in 1892, the postern was opened, when house no.48 was pulled down in the 1970s. You can still see on the walls of the gate, where the house touched the gate. At present the gate houses an exhibition of the Museum of records and curiosities and is open to the public.