Fara´s house

The house erected on a narrow Gothic plot of land underwent many changes. After the fire in 1561 its owner found during reconstruction work in the wall a container with money. Following the fire in 1766 the house was rebuilt conforming to the contemporaneous Baroque with a mansard roof, an arcade and a façade divided by pilasters. The house was bought in 1911 by Dr Vojtěch Fára, who commissioned the architect Pavel Janák to design a Cubist reconstruction, which was carried out by the building constructor Karel Postránecký. The mansard roof was modified and a gable added on the side facing the square. On the first floor façade are traces of Baroque elements, mainly chambranles, arched frontons and pilasters. The form of the balcony console and of the railing are unmistakably Cubist. The same is true of the gable divided by geometrical stucco elements, the top of the gable atypically split up and turned upside down, so that the gable seems to have two tops. The room with an oriel was built during the changes in the years 1930-1935, the oriel apparently pulled through the corner of the building to both sides; it is supported by a similar construction as the balcony. On the uncovered side wall we find only variously grouped Cubist elements. The door panels at the wine restaurant are also Cubist. The building is open to the public.