Drechsel s villa no 331

This Cubist villa, designed by the architect Pavel Janák, was built in 1912-1913 for the imperial counsellor and district administrator Jan Drechsel by the building contractor Karel Postránecký. As a Cubist building it holds an important place in European architecture. This one-storey corner villa with an almost square ground-plan boasts a conspicuous cornice, on the ground floor the street front is divided by four windows with linear and diagonal Cubist ornaments. The covered terrace is decorated along the entire width of the lateral front with columns of a cruciform plan, stylized as Cubist calices, similarly as the colonnettes of the front-garden fence. Other decorative features, such as door handles and lattices, are also Cubist. Unfortunately, this fact was not respected in the restoration of the chimney. This has somewhat compromised the integrity of the building. At present the villa is used as company sale-rooms and warehouse.