Deanery - Municipal gardens

The garden was the property of the Pelhřimov parish since 1603. In the 1930s the sadly devastated garden was renewed by the local dean František Bernard Vaněk, who created the most beautiful garden in the whole town. Besides the log cabin, devastated by a fire and transformed into a summer house, the garden boasts several works of art – a mosaic of Christ's head by Viktor Foerster is set in a granite boulder worked by František Bílek. The work was commissioned by dean Vaněk at the same time as the Stations of the Cross for St Bartholomew's church. The memorial by Dušek is a tribute to the dean for his improvement of the garden. Dean Vaněk started a tradition, which continues to this day – in 2003 a wayside column was erected in the garden - on its shaft are reliefs of the instruments of Christ's Passion, on a square cornice is a sculpted Pietà. After the death of dean Vaněk the garden was once more somewhat neglected. In recent years, however, the town is looking after its upkeep. There is a sizeable playground for small children and an aviary with parrots. The garden is fully open to the public. The hut, which dean Vaněk used as his study was recently repaired, its interior was restored after old photographs and is open to the public. In the hut is a small exhibition recalling the activities of dean Vaněk – his literary work, his days at Křemešník, his support of sports and of the arts, the activities of the Church Association and, last but not least, the patriotic courage of this exceptional personality. The hut may be visited after a preliminary appointment with the Museum of the Czech-Moravian Highlands in Pelhřimov.