Chapel of the Mater dolorosa

The Pelhřimov mayor Jan Eusebius erected in this place a wayside column. As a number of seemingly miraculous healings in Pelhřimov were ascribed to the picture of the Virgin on this wayside column, Tobias Grötzel, a local burgher, founded in 1710-1714 a chapel to replace the wayside column. This very pure Baroque treasure was built by the Italian builders Reverelli and it is the only church building in town to have retained its original aspect – only a part of the cloisters was pulled down to make room for the highway. The dome of the central octagonal chapel and two prismatic towers have shingle roof covering. A portico and sacristy adjoin the chapel along its axis. Above the portico is a terrace with a masonry balustrade boasting a cornice. The towers are decorated with lesenes, over the central cornice are on four sides semicircularly vaulted windows. The volume of the actual chapel is on the corners decorated with lesenes and a richly moulded conice. Just under this cornice are on four sides high, semicircular windows . On the remaining sides are small oval, horizontlly arranged windows, two at ground level and two below the cornice. Above the stone face of the south entrance is a dedication plaque with the date 1711. The style of the interior is pure, untampered, the earlier mentioned wayside column has been incorporated into the altar. The forged grille and paintings of patron saints of the land in the dome are also of considerable value. Members of burgher families used to be buried in the crypt. In 1787 the local cemetery was transferred to this place from St Vitus and served its purpose until 1906. Somewhat younger is the chapel of St Florian, which used to serve as a passageway to preserve the peace of the cloisters.